Mark Hamill net worth

Mark Hamill net worth

Net Worth: $6 million

About Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill net worth has been said to reach 6 million dollars. To the public, he is recognized as an actor, film producer and director, film score composer, casting director and a voice actor, which all add a lot of money to the overall amount of Mark Hamill net worth. Born in 1951, Mark Hamill is said to be one of the greatest music composers for films in Hollywood. Mark Hamill whose full name is Mark Richard Hamill is remembered as the character of Luke Skywalker from the “Star Wars” movies and also as a voice of the Joker, which appeared in Batman series. Although he was born in California, Mark Hamill was raised in Oakland. Mark Hamill has 6 siblings – four sisters and two brothers.

Due to the job position of his father who was in the U.S. Navy, Mark Hamill together with the rest members of his family had to relocate quite often, which also meant him attending various different schools. It also included Mark Hamill studying in Japan, where he attended Nile C. Kinnick High School and also when being in Japan, Mark Hamill enrolled into drama classes, where he gained a lot of experience in acting and learnt a lot about cinema industry. After he moved back to the United States, Mark Hamill continued his career in acting and he started attending Los Angeles City College, where he got his degree in drama.

His debut as a voice actor was in the cartoon called “Jeannie” where Mark Hamill voiced the character of Corey Anders. The cartoon was a production of Hanna-Barbera and it grossed huge sums of money both domestically and internationally, which also meant a huge increase in Mark Hamill net worth. Also, he made the first appearance of the character named David in the pilot episode of the TV show called “Eight is Enough”. However, later the character was portrayed by Grant Goodeve. In addition, Mark Hamill appeared in many more TV series including “The Partridge Family”, “General Hospital”, The Texas Wheelers” and “One Day at a Time”.

His first movie in which he appeared was “The City”, which was created to be broadcasted on the TV. However, the movie which made him known worldwide was the international success gained trilogy called “Star Wars”. It grossed a fortune and some part of it went directly to Mark Hamill net worth. The film trilogy affected the industry of cinema a lot and it became a worldwide phenomena.


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