Mario Lopez net worth

Mario Lopez net worth

Net Worth: $9 million

About Mario Lopez

One of the most famous people in the entertainment industry Mario Lopez net worth has been announced to reach 9 million dollars. In addition, his yearly salary reaches 3.5 million dollars. Born in California, he is mostly known to the public because of his appearance on “Saved by the Bell” and also in the second part of it “Saved by the Bell: The College Years”. The actor has appeared on a lot of various television shows, movies and Broadway performances. All these appearances led to Mario Lopez net worth gets higher and higher.

Mario Lopez gets a lot of invitations and offers to host one or other TV show and comment on various issues. Moreover, now he is popular as the host of the TV show called “America’s Best Dance Crew”. He started his career as an actor in 1980s when he was chosen to act in “Kids Incorporated” and “a.k.a. Pablo”. However, the show which gained him a lot of fame and financial success was his portrayal of the character A.C.

Slater on the TV show “Saved by the Bell”. When all the seasons of it ended, Mario Lopez still continued to appear on television screens and films. He starred in films and television shows such as “The Bold and the Beautiful”, “Pacific Blue”, “Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story” and also “The George Lopez Show”. In addition to his appearances as a guest, he is also a very successful TV host who gets more and more offers. He has hosted various shows including “Masters of the Maze” and “Name Your Adventure”. Furthermore, Mario Lopez was chosen to be a host of such prestigious beauty pageants as “Miss Universe”, “Miss America” and “Miss Teen USA”, which increased Mario Lopez net worth a lot. Moreover, in 2010-2011 the star had his own show which he hosted and which was called “Mario Lopez: Saved by the Baby”.

Born in 1973, the actor is of Mexican origin and some people believe that this is the reason why he is so popular between ladies. His Spanish Mexican temperament had what it took to get involved into entertainment industry and to stay there successfully. While growing up, Mario Lopez was living in a Catholic household and he and his sister Marissa were raised according to strict Catholic morals. Moreover, in 2010 Mario Lopez was chosen to be a host of the Pageant of the Masters which was held in Laguna Beach in California. He still gets a lot of offers to act and appear on various TV shows and movies which proves that Mario Lopez net worth is going to increase.


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