Ludacris net worth

Ludacris net worth

Net Worth: $65 million

About Ludacris

One of the most popular people on the music world of today Ludacris net worth is said to be 65 million dollars. Ludacris is a rapper who has won many numerous awards and he is also starting his career as an actor. Ludacris was born in Illinois under his real name Christopher Brian Bridges. When he moved to live in Atlanta,

Ludacris became interested into rap singing. Thus, he decided to study musical management at the Georgia State University. Until now, Ludacris has released 7 music albums, all of which reached the TOP 5 of the Billboard Top 200 Album List of the United States, which also means that some part of the gained revenue went to Ludacris net worth.

His debut album entitled “Back for the First Time” was released in 2000 and it reached number 4 on the Billboard Album Chart List. Also, the same album was certified as triple platinum by RIAA. His three albums hit the Billboard Chart for quite a long time and these albums include “Chicken-n-Beer”, “The Red Light District” and “Release Therapy”. Many of his singles went to number one positions not only in the Untied States but also everywhere in the world, which also granted an increase in the total Ludacris net worth, for example “Stand Up” and “Money Maker”. In addition to that, Ludacris has collaborated and worked with a lot of successful music artists such as Mary J Blige.

He contributed to her Grammy award winning album “Growing Pains”. Also, Ludacris worked with Lil Wayne and his single “Eat You Alive” from the award winning album “The Carter III”. In addition to Mary J Blige and Lil Wayne, Usher was another artist who collaborated with Ludacris. He co-worked on Usher’s single “Dat Girl Right There” from the album “Here I Stand”. Taking into consideration his musical career, Ludacris has been rewarded for his career as a recording artist and received many awards such as 5 BET awards, 3 Grammy Awards and 3 MTV music video awards.

Ludacris is not only a musician, but he is also starting his acting career with roles in movies such as “Fred Claus”, “RocknRolla”, “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Crash”, which was a winning movie in the Academy Awards Ceremony. Also, for his role in that film Ludacris received Screen Actors Guild Awards. Thus, with two successful careers Ludacris net worth is expected to grow for the upcoming years for sure.


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