Lloyd Blankfein net worth

Lloyd Blankfein net worth

Net Worth: $450 million

About Lloyd Blankfein

Lloyd Blankfein net worth has been estimated to be around 450 million dollars. In addition to his net worth, his annual salary is said to reach 55 million dollars, making him one of the best paid people in the entertainment business. To the public, he is mostly known as the CEO and the chairman of the company called “Goldman Sachs”, which brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Lloyd Blankfein net worth. Also, a part of his net worth comes from his position as a corporate tax lawyer in the company entitled “Donovan, Leisure, Newton and Irvine”. While

staying in London in 1981, Lloyd Blankfein worked in a firm “J Aaron and Company” where his job was to sell precious metals. Lloyd Blankfein is considered to be the best paid executive amongst all the others in the Wall Street. In addition to his annual salary, the executive gets almost 28 million dollars as bonus, which also increases Lloyd Blankfein net worth a lot. Also, Lloyd Blankfein holds many titles. In 2009, Financial Times called him the Person of the Year and in the same year the Forbes Magazine stated that Lloyd Blankfein is the most outrageous CEO of the year. However, his company “Goldman Sachs” was receiving a lot of negative comments.

It was accused by lawmakers because they stated that the company was hiding debts of Greece. Lloyd Blankfein was heard in front of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and stated his position that the company was not a product maker. Instead, it was a primary market maker. Also, his statement included his position about the fact that the company was not obliged to tell their clients that the bets were made against the same products which were produced by the “Goldman Sachs” company. Moreover, the company is known as the major supporter and contributor to the democrats, such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The company contributed in raising money for the political campaign for Barack Obama in 2008.

Moreover, the company “Goldman Sachs” is trying to raise their image in the society and it is offering 500 million dollars in order to help small businesses to increase. It is a part of small business initiative, where 10 thousand of companies participate. Born in New York in 1954, Lloyd Blankfein attended Harvard University and later enrolled into Harvard Law School. Talking about his marital life, he was married to Laura Susan Jacobs, who worked as an attorney, and the couple has three grown up children. All in all, Lloyd Blankfein net worth is said to increase if the public image of his company is going to get positive.


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