Lionel Richie net worth

Lionel Richie net worth

Net Worth: $200 million

About Lionel Richie

The legend in the music industry Lionel Richie net worth has an estimate of 200 million dollars. Born in Alabama, the United States, Lionel Richie is mostly known as a very professional and talented musician, who is involved in signing and song writing. Moreover, Lionel Richie is also a music producer. Before he started his own solo career, Lionel Richie was one of the members in the band called “The Commodores”. The group was very popular and successful in its time and it brought a lot of money to the overall amount of Lionel Richie net worth.

As a solo artist, Lionel Richie has released four music albums, which were very successful in both the United States and elsewhere in the world. Moreover, 13 singles of his ended up reaching positions in Top 10 music charts and 5 of them hit the number one position. In addition, 2 of his albums reached the top position in the album charts. The sales of Lionel Richie records were also successful. He sold more than 100 million copies of his singles and albums both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, Lionel Richie is also a very talented and skillful song writer.

Together with the most famous singer in the whole world Michael Jackson Lionel Richie wrote the hit single “We Are The World” which became popular all around the world. It also increased Lionel Richie net worth a lot. In spring of 2011, Lionel Richie made a tour around Australia and New Zealand, which was quite a success. Millions of people came to see him performing, which also meant a huge increase in the net worth of the star. Lionel Richie whose full name is Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr. was born in 1949. In 1968, he joined “The Commodores” and in 1982 he decided to become a solo singer. His first album was entitled as his stage name and it included his first major hit single called “Truly”.

Although he was born in Alabama, he moved to live in Illinois with his family where Lionel Richie attended Joliet Township High School. In his college years, the star was very good at playing tennis and even got a scholarship for that. In college he graduated in the degree of economics. Moreover, in the TV show “Canadian Idol” there was a theme week dedicated to Lionel Richie songs, which also included his own performances together with the participants of the show. Lionel Richie has come a long way to prove that he is a really talented musician and now it also can be seen in the total amount of Lionel Richie net worth.


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