Lindsay Lohan net worth

Lindsay Lohan net worth

Net Worth: $160 million

About Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan net worth has been announced to be around 300 thousand dollars. To some people, such amount of money seems to be really low for such star, whereas others think that it is still too much for this celebrity. Lindsay Lohan has become notorious for many of her activities, which are well known to public. She is a really

controversial Singer, actress, model in the Untied States. Also, she is known to be a frequent guest in many celebrity parties. When she was only three years old, she signed a contract with the modeling agency called “Ford Models” and her path to success and fame began. When she was a child, she appeared in many commercials such as “Wendy’s” and “Jell-O”.

In addition to that, she modeled for many different clothing companies such as “Abercrombie Kids” and “Calvin Klein Kids”. Thus, all the money she earned when she was still a child went directly to her savings account, which added to the overall amount of Lindsay Lohan net worth. In 1996, Lindsay Lohan started her acting career and her debut role was Ali Fowler in the soap opera called “Another World”. However, after one year she left the show because the director Nancy Meyers chose Lindsay Lohan as a main character in the movie “Parent Trap”.

In fact, the movie was remade by Walt Disney Pictures in 1998 and it added also to the overall Lindsay Lohan net worth. Disney film producers liked Lindsay Lohan so much that they even offered her some other roles in the Disney Movies, which finally led her to appear in another Disney’s remade film called “Freaky Friday”, which grossed around 160 million dollars not only from the United States, but also from the entire world. However, the film, which made her very famous and which took off her career as an actress, was “Mean Girls”, which grossed almost 130 million dollars worldwide. Moreover, the role in that film gained Lindsay Lohan four Teen Choice awards.

In addition to her acting career, she simultaneously was working on her musical career and produced some tracks which also were playing in some of her movies where she acted. In 2004, December, she released her first album which was called “Speak” and which landed on the 4th place in the Billboard Top 400 albums list. Thus, when you think about all the things she has done, it seems to some people that Lindsay Lohan net worth should be more than 300 thousand dollars, however, none of the sources has admitted that.


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