Lil Wayne net worth

Lil Wayne net worth

Net Worth: $95 million

About Lil Wayne

One of the most successful American rappers Lil Wayne net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 95 million dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest people in the music industry. Moreover, the rapper is also known as Mr. Carter and Weezy F. Baby. The star has reached a lot during his musical career and a lot of rising stars in the rapping industry aspire to reach as much as Lil Wayne has.
Born in New Orleans, Lil Wayne became involved into music when he was fifteen years old. At that time Lil Wayne belonged to the music group called “Hot Boys” which had a record deal signed with the Cash Money Records group. Performances with the band “Hot Boys” brought first sums of money to the overall amount of Lil Wayne net worth.

Soon after, Lil Wayne released his first album called “The Block is Hot”. The album was titled Platinum two times and it reached 3rd position in the Billboard Album Charts. The album also increased Lil Wayne net worth a lot.
Although there was a lot of controversy surrounding the rapper, Lil Wayne continued his music career. His albums “The Carter” and “The Carter II” reached a lot of success and many people believed that it was due to the more self vibe which could be felt in the lyrics of the rapper’s songs.
In addition to Lil Wayne’s career as a singer, he also became a president of Cash Money Records group in 2005. In addition, he established his own record label company called Young Money Entertainment which functions under the Cash Money Records group.
In 2008, Lil Wayne released his sixth music album which was called “The Carter III”. After the release of it, Lil Wayne received eight Grammy nominations, winning four of them. In addition, Lil Wayne created a documentary film called “The Carter” which was released to the public during the Sundance film festival which happened in 2009.
Lil Wayne has also collaborated with a lot of other musicians including Ludacris, Chris Brown, Birdman, Akon and many other well known stars in the music industry. Some people state that he is the best rapper in history whereas others claim that he is a ‘self-destructive person’. Nevertheless, his music career shows that he has done a really good job making his name known internationally and it brings millions of dollars to the Lil Wayne net worth year after year.

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