Lil Romeo net worth

Lil Romeo net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Lil Romeo

Born in Louisiana, the United States, Lil Romeo net worth has been announced to reach 5 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest people in the rapping industry. Lil Romeo is quite successful in his rapping career. He has released five music albums which gained a lot of attention from both the media and the public. The sales of them also increased the overall amount of Lil Romeo net worth.

In addition to his rapping career, Lil Romeo used to play basketball when he was studying in college and everybody who knew him thought that he is going to take basketball as his main career because he was really good at it. However, his music career is also going very well. His single called “My Baby” reached the number one position in many charts in the United States and also the sales of it were also excellent, which also added a lot to the overall amount of Lil Romeo net worth.

Lil Romeo decided to extend his music career with establishing a new music label company which he named “The Next Generation Entertainment”. In addition to that, the singer created a new music group called “College Boys”. Lil Romeo whose real name is Percy Romeo Miller Jr. was born in 1989 and therefore it is quite surprising to realize what this young star has achieved. After Lil Romeo finished Beverly Hills High School, the rapper decided to enroll into University of Southern California. It was this time when he decided to alter a little bit his career and instead of becoming a professional basketball player, Lil Romeo started to get involved into singing.

In addition to these careers, Lil Romeo is also a model and a quite successful entrepreneur. Lil Romeo is also known for his family relations. His mother is Sonya Miller and his father is a former rapper and also hip hop and entertainment industry mogul and entrepreneur Master P. Not only his father, but also his uncles C-Murder and Silk the Shocker were involved into rapping industry, who also had an influence on Lil Romeo. The singer is also known because he proved to the people of America that even young rappers are able to exist in the music industry. Some years later from his rapping career, Lil Romeo was chosen to appear in the Nickelodeon TV shows. Thus, Lil Romeo net worth comes from many different sources, including singing, music producing, acting and modeling.


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