Lebron James net worth

Lebron James net worth

Net Worth: $110 million

About Lebron James

One of the biggest NBA stars and best paid basketball players Lebron James net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 110 million dollars. Moreover, it has been announced that his annual salary is as high as 16 million dollars. In addition to that, LeBron James owns a lot of endorsement deals and combined with it, he has been said to get 45 million dollars per year. Such huge amount of money increases Lebron James net worth a lot.

One of the most interesting facts about the basketball player is that during his first nine years while playing in the NBA, LeBron James received 92 million dollars in salary alone. However, his highest paid year was during the years 2011-2012. This was the year when he played for the team called “Miami Heat” and received around 16 million dollars.
LeBron James was born in Ohio in 1984. When he was just a toddler, his mother bought him a small hoop and a basketball. With these toys little LeBron James used to play all day long and he was really good at it. Therefore, his parents noticed his basketball playing potential and foresee that he might excel at basketball when he would grow up. Immediately LeBron James started to play basketball every day and as soon as he enrolled into his elementary school, he played it for his school team and was the best basketball player in the school.
When he got enrolled into high school, LeBron James became the first person being so young to get involved into the USA Today’s All USA team. This was a big accomplishment to the young basketball player, which gave him a lot of opportunities to seek for a professional basketball player career, which added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Lebron James net worth.
When he was in his junior years in high school, he received the title of the Gatorade’s national basketball player of the year, the same title which was given to another famous basketball player Kobe Bryant. At this time, people started calling the player “King James” due to his impressive skills in playing basketball.
When studying in high school, pictures of LeBron James appeared in the magazines “Sports Illustrated” as well as on the cover of the “SLAM” magazine. At that point people started realizing that his future career would definitely be in the NBA league and they were right. Today he is one of the most successful NBA stars who gets huge deals and millions of dollars, which add a lot to the total amount of Lebron James net worth.

lebron james net worth lebron james net worth

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