Larry The Cable Guy net worth

Larry The Cable Guy net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About Larry The Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 50 million dollars. Larry the Cable Guy whose real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney is mostly known as a stand-up comedian and an actor from the United States. Born in 1963, Larry the Cable Guy was growing up in Nebraska. He was quite popular in the neighborhood where his family resided because his father was a minister of it.

After his sixteenth birthday, Larry together with his family moved to live to Palm Beach County in Florida. Once again, his life was marked by the presence of his father. His dad worked as a principal in the King’s Academy which Larry attended. After he finished high school, Larry got a job at Wendy’s where he stayed for four years. However, he decided to quit the job when he got interested more and more in acting and started appearing as a stand-up comedian, which brought his very first money to Larry The Cable Guy net worth.

In 1991, Larry started his own comedy show when he called up different radio stations and played the voices of many various characters. In fact, his nickname Larry the Cable Guy was attached to him because of this venture in the radio stations. The nickname stuck to the actor and he is usually associated with that Cable Guy which he portrays. It is the idea of a redneck man who jokes about many different things in Southern American accent. Moreover, the Cable Guy has his trademark which is his catchy phrase that he uses a lot “Git-R-Done”.

His career really got successful when he was offered to work on “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” by Jeff Foxworthy, who was also a comedian and a good friend of Larry. It also increased Larry The Cable Guy net worth a lot. Moreover, “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” became massive in the United States and it grossed around 15 million dollars domestically.

Soon after, the DVD was released, which featured the group’s performance on the tour. 1 million copies of it were sold which also made it a huge hit and Larry the Cable Guy name became known in all states. In addition, Larry continued to be working as a solo act and released several comedy CDs which were sold quite well, too. Larry is not only a stand-up comedian, but also a very successful actor on both the big screen and television. Both of these spheres add a lot of money to the overall amount of Larry The Cable Guy net worth.


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