Larry Page net worth

Larry Page net worth

Net Worth: $18 billion

About Larry Page

It has been estimated that the overall amount of Larry Page net worth reaches 18 billion dollars. Larry Page is known as an internet entrepreneur, computer scientist and businessman. Larry Page is mostly known as a co-founder of Google which is one of the most important sources of Larry Page net worth which brings millions of dollars to him. In 2011 it was reported that Larry Page got a position of the chief executive officer of Google. Moreover, Larry Page invented PageRank. PageRank is used in the Google’s search system.
Larry Page was born in Michigan. His father was also involved into computers. He even got a PhD degree in computer sciences in 1965. It was the time when computer sciences were started to rise and Larry Page’s father is credited as one of the innovators in the computer technology’s world. Moreover, Larry Page’s father and also mother worked in a Michigan State University where they taught computer sciences.

Larry Page attended the same university where his parents worked and also was enrolled into Stanford University where he got his degree in computer sciences. Larry Page admitted that while he was growing up, his house, including his room, looked like a complete mess with a lot of technology and computer related magazines spread all over the house.
He started to get interested in computers when he was only 6 years old and accidentally got involved with the computer stuff in his parents room. In addition, Larry Page was the first student in his school who provided his home assignments in a form of a word processor.
Furthermore, his older brother taught Larry Page how to take things apart to see how they function and soon after Larry Page was taking apart all the stuff in their house to see its inner parts. During one of his interviews, Larry Page admitted that he wanted to become an inventor from his young days and got interested into technology and sciences. When he was 12 years old, he already knew that he was going to create a company which would bring millions of dollars to Larry Page net worth.
In addition, when he had to write a dissertation while studying at the Stanford University, he decided to write about the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web. Another student of his university Sergey Brin joined him and the boys started to work on the project which ended into success.

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