Larry Flynt net worth

Larry Flynt net worth

Net Worth: $400 million

About Larry Flynt

It has been reported that Larry Flynt net worth has an estimate of 400 million dollars. He is one of the most successful businesspeople in the world. He is mostly known as a publisher who has his own company called “Larry Flynt Publications” which is one of the most important sources of Larry Flynt net worth. One of the most interesting and important things about his publication company is that it publishes magazines and graphic videos related to porn. In 2003, Larry Flynt occupied the first position of the list of the Most Powerful People in Porn which was created by the Arena magazine.
In addition to being involved with porn publishing, Larry Flynt has also run for becoming a public officer, however, unsuccessfully. Moreover, Larry Flynt participated in the assassination attempt in 1978 which resulted in him being paralyzed from the waist down. Moreover, the porn publisher has participated into legal fights regarding the First Amendment.

Giving some background information about Larry Flynt, he spent his childhood mainly with his mother and his maternal grandmother because his father was always absent because of his involvement into army.
He was raised in poverty and later admitted that Magoffin County, where he grew up, was one of the poorest regions during the time of Great Depression. He has also experienced some tragedies when he was only a kid. His sister of four years old died from leukemia.
His sister’s death caused a lot of troubles in his family which resulted into his parents’ divorce. After it, Larry Flynt was solely raised by his mother with whom he moved to Indiana. However, later Larry Flynt moved back with his father because of the new boyfriend of his mother whom he did not like.
Larry Flynt started his career as a club owner which also helped to accumulate Larry Flynt net worth. In 1972, he started publishing a newspaper about his clubs. The newspaper was called “Hustler Newsletter” which was four paged information about his clubs. It also helped to increase the overall amount of Larry Flynt net worth and helped to popularize his clubs. Later, the newspaper was expanded to more pages due to its growing success. In addition, some years later the newspaper was changed into a porn magazine and it was distributed nationally. In 1974, the magazine was started to be called “Hustler”. After one year of its circulation, the magazine became extremely popular and Larry Flynt gained a lot of financial success.

larry flynt net worth larry flynt net worth

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