Larry David net worth

Larry David net worth

Net Worth: $800 million

About Larry David

It has been announced that Larry David net worth is 800 million dollars. Some people comment his net worth by saying that he made all that money because of the popularity of his show which actually was a show about nothing. He was a co-creator and the executive producer of the TV show “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on

HBO channel. During “Seinfeld” 9th season, he got paid a huge amount of money for the writing, creating and producing the show. However, if you compare his incomes with the money that was paid to Jerry’s 1 million dollars per episode, it makes you realize that the sum of Larry David is not as high. But Larry David net worth is definitely one of the highest of the all writers and producers of TV shows.

The real and the biggest sums of money came when “Seinfeld” was sold to the Columbia TriStar company, which was the reason why at the day of the selling of the company Larry David net worth increased by almost 650 million dollars. Also, when you add to this amount his 30 million dollars, which was his personal private fortune, and his money, which he earned when starring in the TV show “Curb”, you might realize that Larry David net worth is impressively huge. Moreover, DVDs of “Seinfeld” were selling at a huge speed which also added royalties to Larry David. Every year the season of “Seinfeld” is being aired on the TV, which attracts a lot of viewers and marketing attention.

Sales of the show’s DVDs packages can presumably add up to 50 million dollars to Larry David’s pocket. Moreover, Larry David is said to be one of those celebrities who are able to appreciate the value of the dollar and he is not letting money change his personality and who he really is. In fact, due to this reason, he sometimes is attributed to the most conservative celebrities. In his writings and scenarios, he usually takes some details from his life and adds some humorous elements into it, which makes his TV shows with a bit of comedy and that’s why people love it so much.

A lot of people have high respect for Larry David due to his incredible talent to create TV shows that are popular not only in the United States, but everywhere in the world. Thus, taking into consideration his fame and popularity, it is safe to say that Larry David net worth is going to grow for the upcoming years.


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