La Reid net worth

La Reid net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About La Reid

LA Reid or Antonio M. “L.A.” Reid (full name) was born in 7th 1956. He is well known in USA and worldwide as songwriter and producer. In his long career he gained fame working together with celebrities like: Pink, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kanye West and many more well-known singers. In his career he was nominated for countless

“Best producer” Grammy Awards, and managed to win 3 of them. Quite amazing career! Because of such great achievements in Music Industry he is one of the riches celebrities worldwide and La Reid net worth is over 300 million dollars (2012).

LA Reid is co-founder of well-known and famous records company “LaFace”. Many today’s successful singers are thankful to this great man, who brought them fame. He is also a CEO and Chairman of Island Def Jam company. Under his watch company is gaining more and more respect in music word.

LA Reid is also known to be a president of “Hitco Music Publishing” company.

In the last few years LA Reid turned his attention towards Television. Now he is player a Judge role in TV show – “X Factor”.

According to LA Reid is one of the wealthiest producers in the world. His last performances as producer would be: Love? – Jennifer Lopez and 2012: One Woman Army – Ciara and both of them achieved fame in the States and worldwide.

LA Reid or Antonio M. “L.A.” Reid is one of the greatest producers ever lived, and many critics and fans believe that he is the greatest. So, no wonder why he is among the richest. LA Reid is not done with his career, and many more talents will be revealed because of this man. La Reid net worth is 300 million dollars (2012), and without doubts will increase in future.

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LA Reid Net Worth

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