Kid Cudi net worth

Kid Cudi net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Kid Cudi

One of the most prominent and famous people in the music industry Kid Cudi net worth has been said to reach around 3.5 million dollars. Kid Cudi whose real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi has accumulated his net worth through a string of careers and activities such as singing, songwriting, rapping and acting. Born in Ohio, Kid Cudi released his mix tape in 2008, which gained a lot of success and he was expected to have a wonderful career as a singer. The mix tape was called “A Kid Named Cudi”.

In 2009, only one year later, Kid Cudi released hi debut album called “Man on the Moon: The End of the Day”, which was sold quite good and it also added a lot of money to the overall amount of Kid Cudi net worth. Moreover, the ablum even got a Gold certification. The album also was a success in various album charts, reaching number fourth position. Most recently, Kid Cudi was chosen to act in the comedy which is called “How to Make it in America” and is produced by the HBO channel.

The comedy is said to be a hit in the United States, and in case this is right, Kid Cudi net worth is expected to increase even more. Born in 1984, Kid Cudi is also considered to be an alternative hip-hop singer. In 2009, he released his most successful single called “Day’n’Night” which reached Top 10 of the Billboard Chart. The single was also sold very well in both the United States and the rest of the world. One year later after the release of his first album, Kid Cudi’s second album appeared in music stores. The album was called “Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager”. In 2010, Kid Cudi created his own band called “Wizard”. Later, the band was renamed to “WZRD”. In 2012, the group released their debut album which was entitled the same as their group.

All in all, Kid Cudi as a solo artist has sold around 4.6 million copies of his singles. In addition, he has collaborated with a lot of famous and successful artists including Kanye West, David Guetta and Common. Most of his collaborations were produced by the record music label called “GOOD Music Label”. Later, he has not been in the public as much as he used to, however, the singer is said to plan an enormous come back with a new hit, which might increase the total amount of Kid Cudi net worth.


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