Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin Hart net worth

Net Worth: $9 million

About Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart net worth is said to be around 9 million dollars as for now. Kevin Hart is a comedian and an actor, who was born in Pennsylvania, the United States. For the beginning of his job career, he was working as a shoe salesman but later decided to quit this job because Kevin Hart decided to be a comic for living. Thus, he appeared

as a standup comic in many stages and finally appeared on the Comedy Central and acted in TV series such as “I’m a Grown Little Man” and “Seriously Funny”.

These appearances added sums of money to the beginning of Kevin Hart net worth. Also, he is widely known as an actor who appeared in movies such as “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, “Soul Plane” and “Little Fockers”. The actor was born in 1980 and he started his acting career while appearing on stage making jokes and winning some awards for that in the area of New England in the United States. However, his major breakthrough was in 2001, when he was casted to act in the TV series called “Undeclared”. The show was the first one, which brought some major revenue to the overall Kevin Hart net worth. “Undeclared” was being aired for only one season but that time was enough to make Kevin Hart popular and he got his name known worldwide. This role in “Undeclared” made him to appear in movies such as “Paper Soldiers”, “Scary Movie 3” and “Along Came Polly”.

In 2009, his career became really successful with the release of his first standup comic DVD called “I’m a Grown Little Man”. However, most of the people and film critics state that his most powerful and successful films was “Laugh at my Pain” in 2011. Talking about his personal life, in 2003 he got married to Torrie Hart. The couple has a daughter Heaven Leigh Hart and a son Hendrix Hart. However, in 2011 the couple divorced after eight year marriage.

Kevin Hart still got strength to continue his standup comic career even after such challenging situations as his breaking up with his wife. Another such challenging situations was during his childhood, when he did not have a good relationship with his father, because he was often in jail, thus, Kevin Hart and his brother were raised by their single mother. Thus, it really takes a lot of strength in order to get on with your lives after such situations and it seems that the actor has now it all together because Kevin Hart net worth is really high.


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