Kevin Garnett net worth

Kevin Garnett net worth

Net Worth: $180 million

About Kevin Garnett

It has been stated that Kevin Garnett net worth has an estimate of 180 million dollars, which puts him in the position of the richest people in the world. In addition to his net worth, Kevin Garnett yearly salary reaches 28 million dollars. Kevin Garnett salary which he receives each year includes endorsement deals which account for 10 percent out of all of it and his NBA contract which accounts for 18 percent. In 1997, he got his highest paid salary when he signed a six year contract.

The deal was worth more than 126 million dollars and it added a lot to the overall amount of Kevin Garnett net worth. To most of the people Kevin Garnett is considered to be as one of the most professional basketball players in the history of NBA. Most of his net worth comes from the contracts with basketball teams such as Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics. One of the most important and interesting fact about the player is that he was drafted to play for Minnesota Timberwolves right after he finished high school.

Such thing has not been done in 20 years, so it shocked a lot of people and obviously it proved that at a quite young age Kevin Garnett had what it took to be involved in such a team. Kevin Garnett led his team the Timberwolves to the finals of The Western Conference in 2003-2004 season, for which he got the title of the MVP of the year. Talking about his awards and accomplishments, Kevin Garnett has won the Gold Medal in the Olympics of 2000. Also, in 2008 the basketball player received a title of the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Moreover, he got NBA All Star Game MVP in 2003 and all these awards and titles add to the overall amount of Kevin Garnett net worth.

Kevin Garnett was born in South Carolina in 1976. He started playing basketball when he was still a child. Kevin Garnett enjoyed it so much that he took his interest into basketball even to the high school, where she continued playing and was chosen by the Minnesota Timberwolves. When he moved to study in Illinois, he became such as good and skillful basketball player that his friends and coach gave him a nickname Mr. Basketball. In addition to that, he also got other nicknames such as The Franchise, Da Kid and the newest one the Big Ticket. Kevin Garnett net worth is said to be one of the highest amongst all basketball players and it seems that it will continue to increase.


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