Kendra Wilkinson net worth

Kendra Wilkinson net worth

Net Worth: $6 million

About Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson net worth is said to be around 6 million dollars and some sources have announced that she gets paid 2 million dollars per year. She is a star on a reality TV. In addition to that, Kendra Wilkinson is becoming a model for her career. However, Kendra Wilkinson is most famous for her activity in the “Play Boy” mansion and she

also was a girlfriend of the mansion’s owner Hugh Hefner. Moreover, the star is also famous for her role in the TV show “The Girls Next Door”. Now, she acts in her own TV show called “Kendra” and she is happily married with the football player Hank Baskett. Thus, it is no secret to anybody that Play Boy girls usually get huge amounts of money and this might be a reason why Kendra Wilkinson net worth is so high.

Furthermore, having been the girlfriend of Hugh Hefner also plays into the overall net worth. Originally, she is from California, but she was born and grew in San Diego. After she finished high school, Kendra Wilkinson got a position as a dental assistant, which proves that she has not only the looks, but the brains, too. Later, Hugh Hefner saw her photo and decided to invite her to his mansion, of course, after offering her a not small amount of money and later his heart, too. A mutual friend of Hugh Hefner and Kendra Wilkinson contacted the model and asked her to come to the 78th birthday party of Hugh Hefner, because the Play Boy owner himself invited her to come there.

Some sources even state that he offered her a certain sum in order for her to definitely come to it, which also added to the overall amount of Kendra Wilkinson net worth. After the birthday party, she was invited to be a resident in Play Boy mansion and she said yes. Also, Kendra Wilkinson appeared on the cover and the centerfold of the Play Boy magazine and performed in the TV series “The Girls Next Door” together with other models such as Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. In addition, she pursued her career as an actress and made an appearance in the movie called “The Scary Movie 4”. Her own reality show “Kendra” started airing in June, 2009.

Kendra Wilkinson was born in 1985 and being in the right place at a right time proves how young people can come to publicity and earn huge amounts of money. Thus, Kendra Wilkinson net worth is usually explained not because of her talent in acting or modeling, but because she got good looks and appeared in a certain place at a right time.


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