Kelsey Grammer net worth

Kelsey Grammer net worth

Net Worth: $120 million

About Kelsey Grammer

One of the biggest names in the cinema industry is Kelsey Grammer. It has been stated that Kelsey Grammer net worth has an estimate of 120 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his involvement into acting, producing and directing.

Born in 1955, the cinema star whose real birth name is Allen Kelsey Grammer is also involved into comedy. To the public he is mostly recognized as the star from the sitcom called “Cheers and Frasier” where he portrayed a role of Dr. Frasier Crane. The sitcom added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Kelsey Grammer net worth.

Talking about his achievements, he has gotten fourteen nominations of Emmy awards. Most of them were because of his successful work in sitcoms. In addition, Kelsey Grammer is not only and actor, but also film and television producer and director.

Moreover, Kelsey Grammer is also a voice actor. In regard to this job, Kelsey Grammer voiced the character of Sideshow Bob which is featured in the animation “The Simpsons”. Thus, voice acting is another source of Kelsey Grammer net worth.

Also, Kelsey Grammer is known from the production of “Boss” which is television series from Starz where he portrays the leading role of Tom Kane who is a mayor if Chicago. It is worth mentioning that it is his first dramatic role in the television screen.

Talking about his personal relationships and family, Kelsey Grammer has been married for four times. Moreover, he has four kids. Kelsey Grammer was born in Virgin Islands to his mother who was involved into music industry and was a singer and to his father who was also a musician and owned a coffee shop and a bar & grill place which was called “Greer’s Place”. However, when the star was only two years his parents got divorced.
After he attended a private preparatory school, he for two years enrolled into Julliard School which is regarded to be one of the most prestigious schools of art.

However, Kelsey Grammer’s early life was marked by quite a few tragedies. First of all, his father was shot and he died in 1968. Unfortunately, he had seen his father only two times before his death. In 1975, Kelsey Grammer’s sister was raped and murdered and in 1980 his twin step-brothers died in the accident when scuba diving. Thus, although he experienced quite a lot of tragedies, his professional career is quite successful with Kelsey Grammer net worth reaching 120 million dollars.

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