Kelly Clarkson net worth

Kelly Clarkson net worth

Net Worth: $24 million

About Kelly Clarkson

One of the most popular singers from the United States Kelly Clarkson net worth has been announced to reach 24 million dollars, which is a huge amount of money for a relatively new person in the music field. Sometimes people refer her to financial idol instead of singing idol. This is because Kelly Clarkson net worth is so high, therefore she is sometimes referred to as a financial idol.She was born in Texas in 1982. Kelly Clarkson was the first person to win the TV show “American Idol” in 2002. When she attended high school, she appeared in many musicals which were produced at school.

Furthermore, she was trained by many different singing teachers who saw her potential in singing from the very first lesson. In addition to that, she used to spend her scholarships towards her musical career. In the final of “American Idol”, she beat another great singer named Justin Guarini and became the first winner of the TV series “American Idol”.

After the TV show, she became the most popular singer in the United States with her huge album sales and public recognition and critical acclaim. Her singles reached top 10 positions on the Billboard Top 200 charts which also added a lot of revenue to the total amount of Kelly Clarkson net worth. Moreover, her single called “My Life Would Suck Without You” broke all the records on the Billboard top chart, climbing from the 97th position to the top of it and reaching 1st position. The climb happened during the first week of the single’s release which is also a somewhat striking fact. According to the data of Nielsen Soundscan, Kelly Clarkson holds the 187 position out of 200 in the chart of the album sales. Moreover, Kelly Clarkson is the only winner of the “American Idol” who reached the number one position in the charts in the United Kingdom. Her album sales in the United Kingdom reach 10.2 million copies.

In addition, globally Kelly Clarkson has sold over 20 million albums. Therefore, she is considered to be the only contestant from the “American Idol” who sold so many album copies, which also adds to the overall amount of Kelly Clarkson net worth. Talking about her winnings, she has won a lot of Grammy awards. Her touring is also adding up to her net worth, since they are always sold out. Thus, it is obvious why Kelly Clarkson net worth is so high for a relatively new artist in the entertainment business.


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