Katy Perry net worth

Katy Perry net worth

Net Worth: $55 million

About Katy Perry

One of the most popular singer’s of today Katy Perry net worth is said to be around 55 million dollars. Katy Perry, whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, is a singer, a songwriter and a musician! She is very talented and loved by many people, which could be proven by the fact that in 2011, the singer earned 44 million dollars only from her album sales.

This also proves that Katy Perry net worth is just going to grow if she will continue her career. Also, in that sum of money comes the revenue from her merchandise, endorsement deals and of course touring. One of the most interesting things from her childhood and family life is that she was raised under very strict Christian rules. Moreover, as a child she was used to listen Christian music all the time. In 2001, she released her first music album, which included only Christian music, to be more specific – Gospel songs, and actually the album was not a success at all. In 2007, Katy Perry released her first single called “Ur So Gay”, but the song also did not gain much attention.

The first single of hers which gained international success was “I Kissed a Girl” and it topped many international charts in 2008. Of course, the sales of the single were extremely well and it added much money to Katy Perry net worth. In the same year, the singer released her first album which was entitled “One of the Boys”. Multi-platinum certifications were given to Katy Perry for both of her singles “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot and Cold”. In 2010, her second album called “Teenage Dream” was released in both the Untied States and Canada and it also topped many Billboard charts and also international charts. In addition to her music career, Katy Perry is known for her unique sense of fashion.

Her outfits seem to be one of a kind and they usually combine bold colors and vintage features. Katy Perry was married to an actor Russell Brand but after 14 months of marriage, the couple decided to go on their own ways and now they are divorcing. However, with the divorces come some unexpected expenses on her side. It is thought that for the divorce settlement Katy Perry will have to pay Russell Brand around 22 million dollars. However, if you take into consideration her successful career, it seems that Katy Perry will earn that money back really soon and Katy Perry net worth is going to be back to the recent one.

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