Juelz Santana net worth

Juelz Santana net worth

Net Worth: $10 million

About Juelz Santana

Juelz Santana net worth has been announced to be around 10 million dollars. Juelz Santana whose real name is LaRon Louis James was born in New York. He is known to the public as a rap artist, producer and an actor. Overall, Juelz Santana has released three studio albums. The sales of them brought quite a lot of money to the total amount of Juelz Santana net worth. However, the most recognition and fame he got with the release of his single called “There It Go (The Whistle Song)” which was included in his second album.

Moreover, the single reached sixth position in the Billboard Chart of Top 100. In addition, Juelz Santana is also known as one of the members from the band called “Dipset”. Juelz Santana was featured in Cam’ron’s singles entitled “Oh Boy” and “Hey Ma”, which were released in 2002. In 2003 Juelz Santana released his first studio record music album which was released by Def Jam Recordings music label. The second album of his was entitled “What the Game’s Been Missing” was released soon after and the sales of it were even better due to the major hit being in that album and it also increased Juelz Santana net worth. The third album was released in 2012 and the title of it was thought of to be “Born to Loose, Built to Win”. Giving some background information and biographical details, Juelz Santana is of African American and Dominican descent.

When he was only four years old, he started rapping and at a very young age of twelve he formed his band called “Draft Pick” which signed a contract with the record music label Priority Records. In 2000, he started collaborating with Cam’ron and appeared on some of his singles and eventually he joined the band called “The Diplomats”, the band which is also known as “The Dipset”. The band was signed with the record label Roc-a-fella Records. However, at the same time he started his solo career and gained a lot of recognition which was not achieved when he was in the band with “The Diplomats”.

Juelz Santana released many mix tapes, was featured in other artist’s songs and appeared on television in various interviews and performances. His solo mix tape called “Final Destination” which was sold in 2002, gained him even more fame and recognition. Thus, the singer probably realized that he is better on his own and started his solo career, which brought a lot of revenue to the overall amount of Juelz Santana net worth.


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