Judge Judy net worth

Judge Judy net worth

Net Worth: $90 million

About Judge Judy

Judge Judy is said to be one of the most famous and influential people in the United States, thus all her personal life is out on the public’s eye and Judge Judy net worth is one of those things in which people are interested. Thus, it has been announced that her net worth is around 90 million dollars. Also, the data published recently has shown that she gets around 45 million dollars in salary every year. Judge Judy whose real name is Judith Sheindlin is known to all Americans as a family court judge. Most of Judge Judy net worth comes from her hearing family cases from the small court, which were broadcasted on the television.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Judge Judy’s court TV show has been nominated for an Emmy award for 13 times overall. Thus, it seems that her work is really appreciated and evaluated well. Giving some background information and biographical details, after Judge Judy finished high school, she enrolled into American University, where she finished her degree in government.

After that, the judge started attending Washington College of Law where she studied law. One of the most interesting facts is that she was the only girl in her group which comprised of 126 students, which were all boys. Judge Judy completed her law degree at New York Law School. In 1965, the judge passed the bar examination successfully and was chosen as a family court prosecutor where she worked for 17 years and which accumulated Judge Judy net worth. Later, she became one of the judges at a criminal court, which led her to other position as well – the supervisor of the family court system in New York. She is widely known for her no-nonsense fashion and a unique style of judging.

Moreover, Judge Judy was featured in the Los Angeles Times and on “60 Minutes” which added a lot to her overall popularity. In addition to her career as a judge, Judge Judy is also a quite successful author. In 1996, she released her own book called “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining”, which was well sold and the sales of it increased Judge Judy net worth. However, soon after the release of the book, the judge decided to quit her career as a writer and came back to judging. In 1996, she got her own TV show called “Judge Judy” which is still popular today.


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