Jon Stewart net worth

Jon Stewart net worth

Net Worth: $80 million

About Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart, whose real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, is well known in the public for his acting career, especially in comedies, and also he is popular as a political satirist. Jon Stewart net worth is estimated around 80 million dollars. Moreover, he is said to receive a salary of 16 million dollars every year. He graduated in 1984 from the

College of William and Mary, established in Virginia. Before he became a major star, he started working as an actor and comedian in New York and performed in “The Bitter End” and “Comedy Cellar” as a stand-up comic. His potential was evaluated and he was offered jobs in such sitcoms as “Caroline’s Comedy Hour”.

Also, he appeared in “Short Attention Span Theatre”, which added a lot of money into overall Jon Stewart net worth. Although this was a really happy time for him, the best years for him were definitely between 1993 and 1995 when he was given his own talk show on the MTV. In 1999, Jon Stewart started working as a host in Comedy Central satirical show called “The Daily Show”. The show won many awards, one of which was the Peabody Award. In addition to his acting career, Jon Stewart net worth estimate is also made higher due to his job as a producer and author of many shows. Talking about the films he appeared in, the most popular between them are “Half Baked”, “The Faculty”, “Big Daddy”, “The Nanny” and “Death to Smoochy”.

Moreover, he played a role of himself in such films as “Evan Almighty”, “The Simpsons”, where he was chosen to animate a voice, and he also appeared in the documentary film called “Wordplay”. However, his appearances do not limit to the acting career and TV shows. Jon Stewart was chosen as a host of Grammy Awards in 2001 and 2002. Furthermore, he hosted the 78th and 80th Academy Awards ceremony. In addition, Jon Stewart is the owner of Busboy Productions, which is in charge of “The Colbert Report”, which is a lot similar to “The Daily Show” and is regarded as its branch. Also, some of his works even went to New York’s Bestseller’s list, such as his publication of the Naked Pictures of Famous People.

Jon Stewart was in collaboration with people who published a book “America” and the book was a real success. It won a Quill Award and “Publishers Weekly” chose it as the book of the year. Thus, it is obvious that Jon Stewart net worth includes not only incomes received from his acting career but also from many other different areas in which he participates.


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