John Kerry net worth

John Kerry net worth

Net Worth: $200 million

About John Kerry

One of the most famous and successful politics in the United States John Kerry net worth has been said to reach almost 200 million dollars. John Kerry is known as a senator from the United States and also a nominee to the presidential post. Moreover, the senator is known being against the War in Vietnam and therefore he is considered to be a Vietnam veteran. He expressed his position quite strongly about the war in Vietnam when he came back from it where he was a part of the group called “Vietnam Veterans against the War”.

Currently, John Kerry holds the position of the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which is the main source for his incomes and also it brings the biggest part of the money to the John Kerry net worth. John Kerry whose full name is John Forbes Kerry was born in Colorado, the United States, in 1943. He has been in office since 1985. Moreover, John Kerry has a good reputation in the eyes of the current president of the United States Barack Obama and John Kerry is even his nominee to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton, who holds the position of the Secretary of State.

Furthermore, John Kerry tried to become president himself when he as in a battle for the position with the former president George W. Bush, who got the position. However, the popularity he got during that time gained him acceptance from the public and also increased the overall John Kerry net worth. John Kerry graduated from the Yale University in political science. Furthermore, he was a member of a society called “Skull and Bones”, which was one of the most influential secret societies of that time. As mentioned earlier, John Kerry served duty of four months in Vietnam as an officer in charge between the years 1968-1969.

For this service, the senator achieved combat medals, such as Silver Star, Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. In addition, John Kerry worked as an assistant district attorney and also he established his own company. Moreover, during the time when he fought against George W. Bush for a president’s position, John Kerry based his political campaign on the opposition against the war in Iraq. However, even with such attitude and opinion, John Kerry lost with getting only 35 electoral votes. Nevertheless, he still continued to be an influential politic and John Kerry net worth increased a lot during that time.


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