John Elway net worth

John Elway net worth

Net Worth: $45 million

About John Elway

John Elway net worth has been estimated to reach 45 million dollars. In addition, it has been announced that he reaches a yearly salary of 3 million dollars, which makes him one of the most financially successful people in the world. To the public, he is known as one of the most popular athletes in the world and is known for playing American football, which brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of John Elway net worth.

Born in 1960, he is of Caucasian race and his full name is John Albert Elway, Jr. When he played football, John Elway was known as a quarterback. When he retired from playing football, John Elway became the vice president of the team called Denver Broncos which play in the National Football League.
John Elway got involved into playing football at quite an early age and continued to play it in his high school and college years. When he attended college in Stanford, John Elway was on his college football team. His professional football years were spent playing for the team of Denver Broncos, which increased John Elway net worth a lot.
However, he retired from playing football in 1999 and became the most prolific passer in the 2nd position in the National Football League of all time. John Elway was the one who led his team to win AFC Championship Games and Super Bowls. When he was still playing for the college team in Stanford, the football player set records in passing attempts and completions.
Moreover, before he got involved into the team of Denver Broncos, he was drafted in the 1st position by the Baltimore Colts. However, after competing in AFC Championships, Denver Broncos with John Elway being as a leader lost in Super Bowls more than a few times and the team was said to be on its decline. But in 1997, success came back and Denver Broncos won against Green Bay Packers with the score 31-24. The next year, Denver Broncos won again and they beat Atlanta Falcons with the score 34-19. In that game, John Elway got his MVP title and with receiving it, his career in football ended.
In 2004, his name was inscribed in pro Football Hall of Fame. After he retired, John Elway got involved into some business and he is also known as the owner of Colorado Crush which is an arena football team. Such business ventures also add extra money to the total amount of John Elway net worth.

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