Joe Francis net worth

Joe Francis net worth

Net Worth: $150 million

About Joe Francis

One of the richest American entrepreneurs Joe Francis net worth has been announced to be 150 million dollars. He is the one who created and developed series called “Girls Gone Wild”. Joe Francis grew up in Laguna Beach, California and he was a student in University of Southern California. He graduated in the degree of business administration.

After he got his degree, Joe Francis created video series called “Banned From Television”. The videos were mainly about car accidents, fights and other content which was not allowed to be shown on TV.

Actually, “Banned from Television” licensed those video clips which were sold through series of TV commercials and this was the base for Joe Francis net worth. Later, Joe Francis changed his interest from extreme content to sexier stuff like girls in college parties and this was how the idea to develop series of “Girls Gone Wild” was born. However, his success was not always in a positive path. It has been announced that Joe Francis lost 50 million dollars in the Los Angeles Court thanks to the jury.

He was ordered to pay 40 million dollars to a casino mogul Steve Wynn as a part of defamation that has been started since 2008. In addition to that, Joe Francis was also ordered to pay the gambling debt that he created to himself when playing in the casino. The debt started at 2 million dollars and has grown till 7.5 million dollars which is a big loss to the total amount of Joe Francis net worth. Thus, all in all, the American entrepreneur has to pay around 50 million dollars. Apparently, Joe Francis has to give one third of his total net worth in order to pay his debt to Steve Wynn. Talking about some background information, Joe Francis whose real name is Joseph R. “Joe” Francis was born in 1973.

In addition to his career as an entrepreneur, he is also a film producer. However, the thing which made him known all around the world was the production of TV series “Girls Gone Wild”. When he was studying in the university, he also attended classes of filming and producing. In addition to studying business administration, Joe Francis graduated in the Bachelor Degree of Entrepreneurial Program, which set the base for his future career. His first attempts to establish himself in TV and film making was working in the “Real TV”. Later his ideas came to create TV series which were mentioned previously (“Banned from Television” and “Girls Gone Wild”) which made Joe Francis net worth one of the highest net worth in the entertainment business.


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