Joan Rivers net worth

Joan Rivers net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers net worth is 50 million dollars as of right now and it is increasing year after year. Joan Rivers whose real name is Joan Alexandra Molinsky was born in New York and she pursues her career as an actress, a comedian and television host. Joan Rivers started her career as a stand-up comic in small New York clubs.

Later, she began appearing in “The Tonight Show with Jonny Carson” and also “The Ed Sullivan Show”, which aired in the 60s and 70s. Her career escalated so fast that in the 80s she already hosted a show called “Saturday Night Live”. Moreover, Joan Rivers has received Grammy nominations and awards for some of her comedian act albums.

After such a huge rise in her path of acting, Joan Rivers hosted many different TV shows and now she mainly works as a pre-show Awards host and she is also a celebrity commentator. These are her main jobs from which Joan Rivers net worth comes. Furthermore, Joan Rivers who was born in 1933 is a screenwriter and director and these two careers also add to the overall amount of her net worth. For the public she is widely known for her brash manners, loud voice and New York accent. Moreover, she is one of the celebrities whose plastic surgeries are widely discussed and some people even attribute her to the list of the worst plastic surgeries ever. Her comedian acts are loved by many because she is not afraid to mock at herself and also at other Hollywood celebrities. Joan Rivers was born to Jewish immigrants.

The actress graduated in Arts degree in English literature and anthropology, the spheres which seem not in parallel with her actual career. Nevertheless, it brings huge amounts of money to Joan Rivers net worth and maybe she would not be as wealthy as she is right now if she decided to have career of her graduated degree. Before she became a comedian and an actress, Joan Rivers used to work as a tour guide in Rockefeller Center, at some advertising company and also as a fashion consultant at Bond Clothing Stores. During that time, her agent Tony Rivers advised her to change her name and she became known as Joan Rivers.

Also, an interesting fact is that in 1950s Joan Rivers was selected for a lesbian’s role to be played in “Driftwood”. In that short-run play she acted together with then unknown Barbra Streisand. Therefore, her career escalated really fast and it seems that the actress is not stopping yet, which means that Joan Rivers net worth will grow.


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