Jk Rowling net worth

Jk Rowling net worth

Net Worth: $910 million

About Jk Rowling

According to the data announced on April 2012, Jk Rowling net worth is around 1 billion dollars. Most of her money JK Rowling earns because of her successful career as a novelist. She is the author of probably the most popular book series in the world about a little magician boy Harry Potter. JK

Rowling got her education at the University of Exeter, where she graduated in the program of Arts. The British novelist is happily married and has 3 children. “Sunday Times” UK Rich List announced that JK Rowling, whose real name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling, is one of the richest people in the world. According to it, Jk Rowling net worth is said to be as high as 910 million dollars.

Therefore, it is no doubt that JK Rowling is always referred to as the world’s most successful and the richest author. While she was living on welfare, the author decided to start the series of Harry Potter adventures and this is how the legend of Harry Potter was born. However, it was not successful at first. The book was dismissed by many publishers because they all refused to publish the book due to their own morals which were contradicted in the book. The book was written by a manual typewriter and the author began to believe that the manuscript was really worth nothing. However, when the book was finally accepted to be published, JK Rowling got only 1,500 pounds in advance.

This was the time when Jk Rowling net worth started to grow. The series of Harry Potter consist of 8 series and it also has a film adaptation which brings a lot of revenue. At the global box office, it was announced that the releases of the films brought the revenue of around 8 billion dollars. JK Rowling net worth is said to include all money which is gotten from books, films, merchandise and even an amusement park in Orlando, Florida. Some people even speculate that the writer can live for the rest of her life with the incomes coming from the sales of books and DVDs even if she does not come up with another brilliant idea.

When coming to talk about “Harry Potter” book series, its worth was estimated to be around 15 billion dollars. JK Rowling seems to be continuing her writer’s career successfully and she released the book for adults called “The Casual Vacancy” in September, 2012. Thus, it seems that Jk Rowling net worth is going to grow even more year after year.

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