Jimmy Kimmel net worth

Jimmy Kimmel net worth

Net Worth: $25 million

About Jimmy Kimmel

One of the most successful TV hosts of today Jimmy Kimmel net worth has an estimate of 25 million dollars. In addition, his yearly salary reaches 8 million dollars. In addition to his career as a TV host, Jimmy Kimmel is also known as a very talented comedian, which is another source of Jimmy Kimmel net worth. Moreover, the actor has also worked in different radio stations and voiced many animated films and TV series. Born in New York, Jimmy Kimmel started to be involved into entertainment industry in 1989. When he was studying at university, the star started working in a radio show and due to this reason he quitted attending lessons in order to concentrate on his career as a radio disc jockey.

Jimmy Kimmel got a job in KROQ-FM radio station in Los Angeles, which broke ices for his career. Also, Jimmy Kimmel was featured quite a lot of times in “Kevin and Bean Show” until late 90s. It was the time when he began to be interested more in film and television than radio. The first job he got on television was on the Comedy Central TV channel, which aired a TV show called “Win Ben Stein’s Money”. The show was broadcasted from 1997 and lasted for 4 years. The show set the basis for the Jimmy Kimmel net worth that he has today.

Moreover, in 1999 Jimmy Kimmel won his first important award which was an Emmy for his work in television. Other TV shows in which the actor appeared included “Crank Yankers” and “The Man Show”. In 2003, the actor got his first own TV show which was named “The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show”, which is competing with other comedy shows including “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Due to his successful work as a comedian and TV host, he was also offered an opportunity to be a special guest host in other TV shows such as “Larry King Live” and “Live With Regis and Kelly”. Born in 1967, Jimmy Kimmel whose real name is James Christian Kimmel is also known as a very successful TV producer.

His projects include the earlier mentioned “Crank Yankers”, also “The Andy Milonakis Show” and “Sports Show with Norm Macdonald”. However, to most of the people he is known as a TV host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” which attracts a lot of people from not only the United States but elsewhere in the world to turn on the ABC channel and the TV show is the one which comprises a bigger part of Jimmy Kimmel net worth.


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