Jimmy Fallon net worth

Jimmy Fallon net worth

Net Worth: $16 million

About Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon net worth has been announced to reach 16 million dollars. In addition to his net worth, Jimmy Fallon is said to get around 5 million dollars as his yearly salary, which makes him one of the best paid people in the entertainment industry. Born in New York, Jimmy Fallon net worth comes from quite a lot of sources. To the public he is known as an actor, comedian, musician, satirist and a TV show host. He became known to the public with his appearance on the TV show called “Saturday Night Live”.

In addition, Jimmy Fallon has appeared in many different films which increased the overall amount of Jimmy Fallon net worth. Such films include “Whip It”, “Fever Pitch” and “Factory Girl”. Furthermore, now Jimmy Fallon is mostly known as the host of his own talk show called “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”. Born in 1974, the TV host is of Irish origin. The star whose full name is James Thomas Fallon experienced a lot of trials before he was selected to broadcast his own TV show which airs on the NBC channel from Monday till Friday.

Jimmy Fallon was born to his parents who had nothing to do with entertainment business. His father was a Vietnam War veteran. When he was growing up, together with his sister Jimmy Fallon used to watch “Saturday Night Live” parts, which their parents recorded for them. When he studied in college, Jimmy Fallon became such a huge fan of the show that in his dormitory he organized special evenings to watch “Saturday Night Live” shows.

When he was a teenager, his parents noticed their son’s talent to impersonate other people and his first impersonation ever was that of James Cagney. In addition, Jimmy Fallon started to become interested in music while he was still a child and began to play a guitar when he was 13 years old. When he participated in various contests, he usually combined his comedy acts with music which gave his performances a different vibe. Initially, Jimmy Fallon was studying the computer science but after it got too difficult he decided to switch to study communications. However, he quitted it also once he realized that it is not a best profession to study. Jimmy Fallon graduated and showed his diploma in the end of the TV show “Saturday Night Live”. Thus, his dreams became reality and he got to appear in his favorite TV show, which added a lot to the total amount of Jimmy Fallon net worth.


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