Jerry Springer net worth

Jerry Springer net worth

Net Worth: $75 million

About Jerry Springer

Born in London, Jerry Springer net worth has an estimate of 75 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his position as the 56th Mayor of Cincinnati. In addition to that, he is well known as the TV host of the show called “The Jerry Springer Show” which is his own talk show. Initially, Jerry Springer’s show featured commentaries on political matters but in 1990s it started featuring mass media and tabloid news in order to gain more audience and higher ratings. In addition to being a successful politician and TV host, part of Jerry Springer net worth comes from his involvement into acting, film producing and hosting game shows.

Born in 1944, Jerry Springer whose full name is Gerald Norman Springer is also known as a singer and as the anchor of news. Jerry Springer was raised in a Jewish household. His mother was a bank clerk and his father owned a shoe shop. In 1949, Jerry Springer together with his parents moved to live to the United States and settled in New York. There, the star studied at Forest Hills High School. The first thoughts about becoming a politician was in 1965 when little Jerry Springer saw John F. Kennedy talking on the TV during Democratic convention.

In 1965 Jerry Springer graduated from the Tulane University where he studied political science. His first involvement into politics was when he was selected to be an adviser to Robert F. Kennedy during his political campaign. It brought first amounts of money to the overall Jerry Springer net worth. After the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, Jerry Springer got a position at the company of Frost and Jacobs, which was a law firm based in Cincinnati. The firm today is better known as Frost Brown Todd law firm.

Jerry Springer decided to run for congress in 1970. He got 45 percent of the overall votes in a traditional Republican district, thus he lost to Donald D. Clancy, who was a Republican. However, one year later, in 1971, Jerry Springer was elected to the Cincinnati city council, which made a huge break in his political career. In addition, Jerry Springer is known as a very successful radio talk show host. It started while he was still studying at the Tulane University. He kept on broadcasting radio shows while he was a mayor of Cincinnati as well. Thus, the money which he got from his career in radio shows is sometimes regarded as the first incomes which started Jerry Springer net worth.


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