Jerry Seinfeld net worth

Jerry Seinfeld net worth

Net Worth: $800 million

About Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld net worth has an estimate of 800 million dollars and it is quite reasonable for such a great American comedian that he is. Jerry Seinfeld has been working as a stand-up comic for almost 20 years. He is a very popular comic and the audience loves him a lot and this could be the reason

why he gets constant visits in TV shows such as “Tonight Show” and “David Letterman”. However, Jerry Seinfeld net worth was not earned easily. It took 9 years for him of hard to work to write and star together with Larry David and also host his own TV show called “Seinfeld”. Nobody would doubt about the fact that it is not a piece of cake to create a TV show that would be successful, gain popularity and many viewers.

However, if we talk about Jerry Seinfeld’s private life, the last years in his family life and the thoughts about retirement were spinning in his head and it is definitely not an easy situation to be in. But to some people it would seem worth it to work so hard as Jerry Seinfeld, because Jerry Seinfeld net worth could not fit in any piggy bank. His wealth was created not only by his starring in the TV shows, but also by his talent to write and speak in public. His endorsement deals also added to the total amount of his net worth. It is believed that the Microsoft Company paid him 10 million dollars for his appearance in their endorsements in 2008.

Coming back to his private life, he could not complain about it too. It was quite a scandal when the media got to know that the 30 year old Jerry Seinfeld started dating a 17 year old girl. After he broke with her, he was the reason why Jessica Sklar, his wife, broke up with her newly married husband. The couple has been married for more than 10 years and they have three kids together. They also have two houses. One of them is worth 50 million dollars and is established in East Hampton.

It is an apartment in Manhattan which has stunning views to a Central Park. In addition to this apartment, Jerry Seinfeld and his wife share an estate in Telluride, where they own their house. Moreover, Jerry Seinfeld is known as a fan of cars, especially Porsches. He has around 46 of them and the most expensive has got to be Porsche 959, which is worth 700 million dollars. Thus, it seems that Jerry Seinfeld net worth is as high as it is said to be.


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