Jerry Jones net worth

Jerry Jones net worth

Net Worth: $2 billion

About Jerry Jones

One of the most successful and wealthiest people in the entertainment business Jerry Jones net worth has been announced recently. The amount of it is quite shocking – his net worth reaches 2 billion dollars. Jerry Jones is known as a very successful and powerful entrepreneur, CEO and also the owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys team. A part of Jerry Jones net worth comes from his career as an executive vice president of Modern Security Life of Springfield, which is established in Missouri.

Also, he is the owner of the foundation which searches for natural resources in order to obtain oil and gas and which is called Jones Oil and Land Lease. The company is based in Arkansas. In 1989, Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys, which brought quite huge sums to the overall Jerry Jones net worth. Soon he became the main owner of the team and started replacing its coaches. Jerry Jones fired Dallas Cowboys coach of that time Tom Landry and in his place he hired Jimmy Johnson, who later was replaced with Barry Switzer.

However, Jerry Jones is also known as being in a very close connection to the Dallas Cowboy team players. But having said that, there are still some people in the team who are not pleased with Jerry Jones. And these mostly include the fans of the team, who would rather see him involved into forming organizations in order to displace him as a general manager of the team. In addition, according to Sports Illustrated, people from Virginia, Delaware and Texas voted him to be the least favorite personality in sports.

Also, Jerry Jones is quite notorious with his behavior. He got fines from the NFL, who punished him for violating a gag order and also for talking bad with a referee Ed Hochuli, when Jerry Jones did not agree with his decisions. In addition to his involvement into managing Dallas Cowboys, he is also a regular guest on many different television shows. He got a cameo appearance in the “Dallas: War of the Ewings”. Also, he appeared in one episode of the “Coach”, where he played a role of himself and Jerry Jones was an inspiration for the film “BASEketball”, as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys team. In addition, Jerry Jones appeared in the television show “Entourage” which aired on HBO channel and his appearance was broadcasted in the seventh season. Thus, television appearances make a big part of Jerry Jones net worth.


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