Jermaine Dupri net worth

Jermaine Dupri net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri net worth has been announced to be 5 million dollars. Jermain Dupri also known as JD or Jermain Dupri Maudlin is known to the public as a singer, songwriter, rapper and also a music producer. Born in 1972 in North Carolina, the star was born to his father who was involved into music and it is speculated that it was him who started Jermaine Dupri to get involved into music, as well. Jermaine Dupri’s father was a music executive from Columbia and he managed to let his son to dance for such huge stars as Diana Ross in their performances.

When he was only fourteen years old, Jermaine Dupri decided to be a solo performer and also produced music on his own, which laid the basis for Jermaine Dupri net worth. His debut as a producer was with a girl band called “Silk Tymes Leather”, a trio who specified in rap singing. However, he did not manage to make the group popular and open the doors for them, but Jermaine Dupri made himself popular in the music industry. During that time, the star started collecting contacts from people who helped him in his career.

His first producing success came some time later when he produced a hit song called “Totally Krossed Out” for the group “Kris Kross”. Moreover, two other songs entitled “It’s a Shame” and “Jump” were the reason for the album to reach a multi-platinum title. Seeing that he might succeed as a producer, Jermaine Dupri founded his own record label company which he named “So So Def Recordings”. His first group which he produced under his own record label company was “Jagged Edge” and it seems that at this time Jermaine Dupri really knew what he was doing because the album of the group went to be multi-platinum, as well.

Jermaine Dupri reached success and this led him to collaborations with many famous artists such as “Boys to Men” and Baby Face. His production company brought him millions of dollars year after year, which increased the overall amount of Jermaine Dupri net worth. He is also one of not so many people who became multi-millionaires while still being in their twenties. Since the establishment of his company, “So So Def Recordings” produced singles which reached gold and platinum status. Such recognition was a huge shock to the producer and the amount of Jermaine Dupri net worth is increasing year after year.


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