Jennifer Lopez net worth

Jennifer Lopez net worth

Net Worth: $250 million

About Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is definitely one among the richest celebrities in entire world. No doubts about that. Jennifer Lopez Net Worth is getting above 250 million dollars mark. She is well known American actress, designer and dancer. She also produced few television shows. According to Forbes she is one of the richest among other celebrities.

I bet most of you saw her in action at some point : acting, singing, performing in shows, dancing etc. It is quite safe to say that Jennifer Lopez one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood. She is now on top of her fame and easily makes more than 10 million dollars per movie. Her career started at early 1986 in local movie “My Little girl”. After this movie was done she knew that she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life.

Jennifer Lopez was 16 then she started her career. She was spotted by few agents and got few acting jobs immediately. However her real career started once she was selected to play main role in movie “Selena”. She got nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. That year was great for Jennifer, she got main roles in movies: “Anaconda”, “Blood and Wine” and “U Turn”.

Jennifer Lopez does everything and does it at top level. Acts, sings, dances.

Almost 10 years ago, in 2003 Jennifer Lopez stared her own clothing line, and soon become well known I the world of designers. Today Jennifer Lopez is still in fashion business big time.

So why Jennifer Lopez net worth is so huge?

Her musical career started with an album called “On The 6”. Since then she has been pretty active in her music career and recorded five studio albums in total. In 1997 she married Ojani Noa, however this marriage did not last long and the couple broke up a year after. In 2001 she married again, this time the groom was Chris Judd, who used to be her personal dancer in her shows. Again, marriage was not too long, and couple broke up after couple of years. Her last marriage to Marc Anthony lasted 7 years – 2011 the couple divorced.
Overall Jennifer Lopez is quote active in many different sectors. This is why she among the richest celebrities, having over 250 million dollars net worth

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth Jennifer Lopez Income

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