Jennifer Hudson net worth

Jennifer Hudson net worth

Net Worth: $18 million

About Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson net worth has been said to reach 18 million dollars. The star was born in Illinois, Chicago. Jennifer Hudson is notorious for being eliminated from the third season of “American Idol”. It happened only in the sixth week of the show, when she was controversially dismissed from it. However, she did not let that ruin her life and Jennifer Hudson got on to appear in television and cinema. She got a supporting role in the cinema production called “Dreamgirls”, which brought some money to the overall amount of Jennifer Hudson net worth.

Furthermore, she achieved many awards as a supporting actress, which include awards such as the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the SAG Awards. Although the singer was eliminated from the “American Idol” show, Jennifer Hudson has released two albums – one in 2008 and another one in 2011. In addition to her acting and singing careers, Jennifer Hudson net worth is also increased from her career as a spokesperson.

However, she is best known to the public as the star from the big screen adaptation of the stage performance “Dreamgirls”, where she portrayed the role of Effie White and which was released in 2006. Talking more about Jennifer Hudson in the TV show “American Idol”, she landed in the 7th position, and apparently did not win the show and some people speculate that this is why she chose to be more active in the acting career than singing. Jennifer Hudson whose real name is Jennifer Kate Hudson was born in 1981 in Chicago, Illinois and she started singing when she was still a child. Firstly, she performed together with her friends in the church choir.

Later she appeared in a lot of her school performances and various talent shows all around the United States. These small appearances led her to be chosen to have a role in a local production in Chicago called “Big River” which was a musical. Nevertheless, some people are still considering her to be one of the greatest members of the “American Idol” show because she has received numerous awards and much appreciation. Now when she is signed as a spokesperson for “Weight Watchers”, Jennifer Hudson net worth is being expected only to increase. It is also worth mentioning that her debut album which was released in 2008 got a Platinum certification which was a huge accomplishment to the singer.


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