Jeff Bezos net worth

Jeff Bezos net worth

Net Worth: $20 billion

About Jeff Bezos

One of not so many billionaires in the world Jeff Bezos net worth has been announced to have an estimate of more than 20 billion dollars. To the public, Jeff Bezos is known as the founder of the website Moreover, Jeff Bezos holds the position of a chairman, CEO and the president of his own website. When Jeff Bezos was a kid living in Texas, he decided to use his parents garage for his science projects which he liked to do a lot.

Initially Jeff Bezos enrolled into Princeton University to study physics, however he changed the sphere of interest and became involved into computers. Therefore, some years later Jeff Bezos graduated in the degree of computers and electric engineering. Before the foundation of in 1994, Jeff Bezos worked as a financial consultant in the company “D.E. Shaw & Co”. The businessman created a plan for when he was driving from New York to Seattle. The company was founded in 1994 and originally, it started in the garage of his parents’ house. Today the website is developed fully and it is the major source of Jeff Bezos net worth.

Later, the businessman started studying at Carnegie Mellon University in which he got an honorary doctorate degree in science and technology. Moreover, in 1999 Jeff Bezos got a title of the Person of the Year which was announced in the Time magazine. Born in 1964, Jeff Bezos whose full name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos started the project with only selling books and later it began to include more and more various merchandise. Today, his website is considered to be as guidance on how an internet shop should work and it also has become a largest retailer on the internet.

Talking about Jeff Bezos childhood, at a very early age he showed to his family members that he had some passion for mechanics – once Jeff Bezos was found trying to dismantle his bed. Jeff Bezos was born to his mother who at that time was just a teenage girl. Her marriage with Jeff Bezos real father lasted only for a year and later his mother married once again a guy named Miguel Bezos, whose surname was later given to the businessman. When growing up, all the people who surrounded Jeff Bezos noticed his interest into science and technology. When he was a teenager, he constructed an electric alarm to keep his younger siblings away from his room. Today his interest in technologies and computers can be shown by the creation of the world’s biggest online shop, which brings billions of dollars to Jeff Bezos net worth.


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