Janet Jackson net worth

Janet Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $150 million

About Janet Jackson

It has been said that one of the most popular American singers Janet Jackson net worth is neither huge nor small for such a big star – 150 million dollars. Janet Jackson was born in Indiana and she is the sister of the most popular singer in the world – Michael Jackson. Moreover, Janet Jackson is the youngest kid out of the whole Jacksons

family. When she was only four years old, together with her family she moved to live to California. She started her singing career in the band “Jackson Five” and Janet Jackson started her solo career when she was sixteen years old. Her first debut album was titled with her name “Janet Jackson” which was sold really well and added to the overall amount of Janet Jackson net worth.

In 1991, Janet Jackson started to stay a little bit further away from her family music business and signed a record deal together with Virgin Music Records. Moreover, the contract’s value was said to be around 32 – 50 million dollars. Thus, it is no surprise that Janet Jackson got the title of the best paid singer who is a female of contemporary music. Her first album released under the label of Virgin Records was called “Janet.” The album reached the number one position at the Billboard chart and also it produced five number-one singles.

Moreover, her single called “That’s the Way Love Goes” from that album gained a Grammy Award, which also strengthened Janet Jackson net worth. Her other albums entitled “The Velvet Rope” and “All For You” also reached high positions in many different charts and in total were sold around sixteen million copies in the whole world. Even today, Janet Jackson is regarded as one of the most successful and talented singers and is a pop artist with a very long legacy.

In 2004, she became the most searched person on the internet and this is all thanks to another singer Justin Timberlake who during the Super Bowl games torn her shirt apart so that one of her breasts became visible. Because of that, she called the moment an accident and did not see a point why she should apologize to the CBS, who aired the Super Bowl games. In addition to her singing career, Janet Jackson also started the career of an actress, with her debut in the film “Poetic Justice”. Moreover, according to Forbes magazine, she is the seventh richest woman in the entertainment industry, which is based on Janet Jackson net worth.

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