Jamie Oliver net worth

Jamie Oliver net worth

Net Worth: $170 million

About Jamie Oliver

One of the most popular and successful chefs in the world Jamie Oliver net worth has been claimed to have an estimate of 170 million dollars. In addition to being a chef, Jamie Oliver is known as a very successful media personality and also a restaurateur. A huge part of Jamie Oliver net worth comes from him being an owner of many restaurants, having his own television shows, writing many successful cook books, producing and appearing in the commercials all across the United Kingdom and owning a company called “Sweet as Candy”.

He is also known as the initiator of the program of healthy eating, which is practiced not only in schools, but also at his own home. Jamie Oliver expressed his position of being against the processed food and tries to convince both the United Kingdom and the United States to eat healthier.
In his books and also during his TV show “The Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver shows his skills of preparing and cooking healthy and delicious food as well as expertise in dining. Both his books and TV shows get immense popularity all across the world, which are one of the hugest sources to the overall amount of Jamie Oliver net worth.
To most of the people, he is associated with cooking Italian and British food, which are his main fields of expertise, however, Jamie Oliver is well known as an international cook and can prepare different food from various countries.
Born in Essex in England, Jamie Oliver grew up in Cambridge. Both of his parents were involved in the restaurant business and owned one of it called “The Cricketers”. Thus, Jamie Oliver was around the cooking business from an early age. When he was growing up, Jamie Oliver used to go to his parents work place to help them and when he grew up, he decided to step into his parents’ shoes and to start his own cooking business, which today brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Jamie Oliver net worth.
The star enrolled into Westminster Catering College when he was 16 years old. Later, he moved to France to continue with his cooking business. He became the head pastry chef in the restaurant called “The Neal Street Restaurant” which was one of his most prominent jobs. After that, his career just snowballed. Today, he is known as one of the most successful chefs in the world and his recipes are loved worldwide.

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