Jamie Foxx net worth

Jamie Foxx net worth

Net Worth: $85 million

About Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx net worth has been announced to be 85 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his careers as an actor, comedian and musician. Jamie Foxx was born in Texas, the United States. He was raised by his grandparents from his childhood. Jamie Foxx started his career as a stand-up comic in 1989 when he appeared on stage in various clubs telling jokes. Only two years later, he was discovered and was chosen to be a member of the sketch comedy show entitled “In Living Color”, which became a huge hit.

Jamie Foxx appeared in that show for three seasons and it brought a lot of revenue to the total amount of Jamie Foxx net worth. After it ended, his career hit the top – he got his own TV show which was called “The Jamie Foxx show”. It was broadcasted since 1996 till 2006 and overall it lasted for five seasons, which comprised of hundred episodes. It garnered a lot of various awards. The show was nominated for awards such as Images, Kids Choice Awards and NAACP awards. At the same time when his show ran, he still got time to appear in a lot of movies, which also added to the total Jamie Foxx net worth. Movies in which he got roles include “Toys”, “The Great White Hype” and “Any Given Sunday”.

The films were quite successful to him because Jamie Foxx got his first award nominations in acting in films. Later, he continued his acting career and appeared in movies such as “Ali”, “Breaking All the Rules” and “Collateral”, which grossed over 200 million dollars not only in the United States, but all around the world. For one of his performances for his titular role in the movie Ray, the actor won even nineteen awards, including the Academy Award which he won in the category of the Best Actor.

The most recent films in which Jamie Foxx appeared include “Stealth”, “Jarhead” and “Miami Vice”. In addition to these films, Jamie Foxx acted in the cinema adaptation of the stage performance “Dreamgirls” and also he got a role in the film “The Soloist”. Talking about his musical career, Jamie Foxx is a musician, who received many awards. He has released four music studio albums. Moreover, he got a double platinum certification from RIAA. In addition, he has released three stand-up shows on DVD, which include “Straight From the Foxxhole”, “Unleashed” and “I Might Need Security”. The sales of them added a lot of money to Jamie Foxx net worth.


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