James Gandolfini net worth

James Gandolfini net worth

Net Worth: $70 million

About James Gandolfini

One of the most popular and successful actors James Gandolfini net worth reaches 70 million dollars. James Gandolfini has his origins in Italy, however he is treated as an American actor. He is mostly known and referred to as a character of Tony Soprano which appeared in the TV series “The Sopranos”. The TV show was aired on the HBO TV and increased the overall amount of James Gandolfini net worth a lot. His character of Tony Soprano was portrayed as a troubled detective, always seeking to manage his work and family life. Because of this role, James Gandolfini received a lot of praise and awards such as Emmy award and SAGA.
James Gandolfini also appeared in other productions including “True Romance”, “In the Loop”, “Get Shorty” and “Where the Wild Things Are”. All these appearances increased the total amount of James Gandolfini net worth a lot.

James Gandolfini is also known as a producer. In 2007 his produced documentary was released which was entitled “Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq”. In the documentary, interviews were taken from veterans who came back from the War in Iraq. In 2010, another documentary produced by James Gandolfini was released and it was also related to war and its consequences to people. The documentary was called “Wartorn: 1861-2010” and it portrayed an analysis of consequences on people during all American wars between the years 1861-2010.
Although he was born in New Jersey, James Gandolfini was raised in an Italian speaking family. Even today, the actor and producer is proud to have origins in Italy and visits Italy from time to time.
When he was attending high school, James Gandolfini played basketball and also was involved in various musical productions of his school. In his senior yearbook, James Gandolfini was nicknamed ‘Class Flirt’.
Before he got involved into acting career which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of James Gandolfini net worth today, he worked in a couple of odd jobs, including bartender and club administrator. Soon after, he got a role in “The Sopranos”. While on its peak, James Gandolfini was stated to receive 1 million dollars as his payment for every episode of the show. According to the Entertainment Weekly, James Gandolfini holds the 42nd position in the list of the Most Prominent TV Icons of All Time because of his appearance in the TV series “The Sopranos”.

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