James Cameron net worth

James Cameron net worth

Net Worth: $700 million

About James Cameron

James Cameron net worth has been reported to be around 700 million dollars. James Cameron, whose real name is James Francis Cameron, was born in 1954 and he is originally from Ontario, which means he is Canadian and many people think that he is originally from the United States. James Cameron is known for his successful work

in film directing, producing, editing and screenwriting. Moreover, he is famous for being involved into the saving of the environment. His big break into the film industry came with the release of the movie “The Terminator” in 1984, which brought a lot of money to James Cameron net worth. Talking about his education, the interesting and not to everyone known fact is that the most popular director in the world was actually a college dropout. James Cameron is a married man and has 4 children. Think James Cameron is richest among movie directors, find many more @ Celebrity Net Worth

According to Forbes magazine, in 2009 James Cameron earned well over 200 million dollars. Moreover, according to Vanity Fair, in 2010 he succeeded in getting 257 million dollars. In addition to that, one of the most selling films of James Cameron was “Avatar”, which was produced in 2009. The movie grossed around 248 million dollars. James Cameron net worth mostly is so high due to the incomes he got for his two most popular films. The one is “Titanic” and another is the previously mentioned “Avatar”. For the “Avatar”, the director got 350 million dollars whereas for the “Titanic” he received 115 million dollars. “Titanic” is considered to be one of the best movies of all time not only by critics but also by viewers.

Also, the incomes of “The Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, which was produced in 1991, also add to the overall amount of his net worth. It earned James Cameron around 6 million dollars. A lot of people are used to call James Cameron “the king of Hollywood”. In addition to that, his legendary film “Avatar” changed the perception of Hollywood films of many people.

It is worth mentioning that the director is already at work in making the second part of the “Avatar”, which is expected to be even more popular than the first part and consequently will add more money to James Cameron net worth. Thus, when taking into consideration his talent for making, directing and producing films, it is safe to say that he will continue doing a great job in his career. He is already working on two films which are kept in secret and which will be released in 2014 and 2015.


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