Jack Dorsey net worth

Jack Dorsey net worth

Net Worth: $650 million

About Jack Dorsey

It has been reported that Jack Dorsey net worth has an estimate of 650 million dollars which makes him one of the richest people in the United States. He is mostly known as a software architect, entrepreneur and businessman. One of his biggest achievements include the creation of the one of the most popular social networks called Twitter and founding a mobile payment company called “Square” where he works as a CEO. Therefore, these two are ones of the main sources of Jack Dorsey net worth. In 2008, Jack Dorsey got a title of one of the Top 35 innovators who are younger than 35 years old.
Jack Dorsey grew up in Missouri. When he was only thirteen, Jack Dorsey started to get interested into dispatch routing. Some of the softwares which he created during his early days are still functioning in some taxi cab services. After he finished high school, Jack Dorsey studied at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Soon after, he switched to the New York University. It was there where he got an idea of creating Twitter, one of the most popular social websites on the internet, which also is one of the most important sources of Jack Dorsey net worth.
In 2000, Jack Dorsey began to dispatch taxis and some emergency services using the internet. Also, Jack Dorsey had an idea to create computerized medical services which could be reached via internet.
In the summer of 2000, he decided to establish a network service of short message communication which was called Twitter. He also wanted to create a network where friends could communicate with each other easily. The first version of Twitter was created in a model of text messaging. The Twitter’s prototype was creating in two weeks and Biz Stone helped Jack Dorsey a lot in producing it. Later, they were joined by Williams. The team created Obvious which was later transformed to the Twitter.
In 2008 Williams was appointed as the CEO of the company and Jack Dorsey got the position of the chairman of the board. However, in 2011 Jack Dorsey got back his position as the CEO. Twitter’s popularity started to grow up year after year and it also made revenues which were not expected by any founders of the website. Therefore, Jack Dorsey net worth also skyrocketed to millions of dollars. In his business, Jack Dorsey is using his three guiding principles which include simplicity, constraint and craftsmanship.

jack dorsey net worth jack dorsey net worth

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