Ice T net worth

Ice T net worth

Net Worth: $30 million

About Ice T

Ice T net worth has been said to be around 30 million dollars. He is known to the public as a rapper from the United States. Ice T had to overcome some sad situations in his life. Although he was born in New Jersey, Ice T moved to Los Angeles when he was only 12 years old to live with his relatives because of the death of his both

parents. When Ice T finished high school, he served for the U.S. Army for four years. Later he signed a contract with Sire Records, which is a branch record label company of Warner Bros.

He did really well under the name of the company which also increased the overall amount of Ice T net worth. He released three albums when signed with Sire Records. The albums were released in 1987, 1988 and 1989. All of these three albums got Gold Certifications from RIAA. However, the album which gained him a lot of recognition and success was released in 1991 and was entitled “O.G. Original Gangster”. The album is thought to have set a background for the gangsta rap music style and thus increased Ice T net worth.

In the album he also collaborated with his band called “Body Count”. Some years later, “Body Count” released its own album which also included a notorious single “Cop Killer”. Due to this controversial single, Ice T and Sire Records separated and the rapper signed with Priority Records label company soon after. During 1990s, Ice T continued his career and collaboration together with the “Body Count”. However, later he decided to return to rapping in 2006 and released his rap album called “Gangsta Rap”.

In addition to his music career, Ice T also started acting in 1984. His debut film was called “Breakin”. In his other films, he mainly acted some supporting and miniscule roles in 1980s and 1990s, but still acting added to the total amount of Ice T net worth. In 2000, Ice T was selected to play a role on the TV series called “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. In those TV series, he played a role of Odafin “Fin” Totuola and is still belonging to the cast of the TV show. Moreover, in addition to his rapping and acting careers, Ice T is also a record producer and he is also working as CEO. Ice T real name is Tracy Marrow. Ice T is often quoted as the father of the gangsta rap. Thus, he is more often remembered as a rapper and not as a CEO or actor because what he does best out of his all careers is probably his musical career.


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