Howard Stern net worth

Howard Stern net worth

Net Worth: $500 million

About Howard Stern

Howard Stern is an American radio talk show host; television shows host,  among the richest actors and authors. Howard Stern net worth is said to be around 500 million dollars and he is said to receive 80 million dollars of salary every year. To the public, Howard Stern is mostly known as the host of his

own TV show called “The Howard Stern show”. Also, he is usually described as a host who does not disregard controversial topics in his show, he is witty and usually participates in uncensored dialogues, conversations and interviews. Howard Stern even got some fines for his TV shows in radio from the year 1986 to the year 2005 but these did not do any harm for Howard Stern net worth.

He started his career as a disc jockey and radio show host early in his studying years when he participated in talk shows at Boston University and in 1975 he started his professional career in WNTN. Later, he performed in many radio stations, including his job at WXRK where he was working for a really long time, almost 20 years. After his job at WXRK, he left it to work in Sirius.

He chose this company because it was free from FCC rules and regulations; therefore, he did not have to watch his language that often. When he was working in WXRH, Howard Stern net worth was increasing all the time. He was a host of a peak time radio show, which was listened to by 20 million radio listeners in both the United States and Canada.

When he signed a contract with Sirius again in 2010, they made a deal that he would possibly go to retirement in 2015. Another important thing which also added to Howard Stern net worth is his autobiographical book called “Private Parts”, which was released in 1993. The star made a deal of 1 million dollars contract with Simon and Schuster. 225 thousand copies of the book were sold right after several hours of its release and it became the fastest-selling book for Simon and Schuster.

Also, the book has its film adaptation. The film was called the same as the book and Howard Stern played a role of himself in that movie. During its opening weekend, the film scored more than 14 million dollars and all in all more than 41 million dollars in movie tickets. Thus, it seems that although he is a quite eccentric person, Howard Stern net worth is growing year by year and in all activities he gets involved into.

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Howard Stern net worth Howard Stern net worth

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