Harvey Levin net worth

Harvey Levin net worth

Net Worth: $10 million

About Harvey Levin

Born in California, Harvey Levin net worth has been announced to have an estimate reaching 10 million dollars. Although Harvey Levin is mostly recognized as the person who established TMZ.com which is the website about gossips about celebrities, a huge part of Harvey Levin net worth also comes from his participation in producing and doing occasional reports for TV channels. In addition, Harvey Levin is also known as a former lawyer. The reporter is also known as the one who did a misleading report about O. J. Simpson trial. His punishment was to apologize on air hearing for the millions of people in a voice similar to that of the Disney cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Born in 1950, Harvey Levin is also involved into legal analyst examinations. The star graduated from the University of California where he got his B.A. in political science.

Moreover, he also attended University of Chicago where Harvey Levin received his J.D. In 1975, Harvey Levin successfully passed the bar exam in California and was selected to be the attorney in California. He worked in this position from 1975 till 1996 and it brought huge sums of money to the total amount of Harvey Levin net worth. In addition, Harvey Levin was involved into entertainment industry, where he worked in a lot of legal roles. One of such tasks included the report of O. J. Simpson trial, which, as mentioned before, was reported in a misleading way.

In 1996, Harvey Levin moved to live and work to New York. There, he was selected to be a legal analyst for “The People’s Court”. He made regular appearances on the show between the years 1980-1990. During the show, he worked as a legal consultant and advisor. Moreover, he had to re-new his bar license, which he got in California some time ago.

In addition to his position as a legal analyst, Harvey Levin also was chosen to be the host of the show in 1998. Between the years of 2002-2005, the star created and worked as an executive producer in “Celebrity Justice” which also increased the overall amount of Harvey Levin net worth. Talking about his acting career, in a movie called “Volcano” which was released in 1997 Harvey Levin was selected to portray a role of a TV reporter. Talking about his personal life, today it is not a secret anymore that Harvey Levin is gay. During one of his monologues, the star confessed how hard it was to harmonize his gay and non-gay parts of his life.


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