Gwen Stefani net worth

Gwen Stefani net worth

Net Worth: $80 million

About Gwen Stefani

One of the most popular and extravagant stars in the Hollywood Gwen Stefani net worth has been announced to reach 80 million dollars. Most of her net worth comes from her career in singing and songwriting. In addition to that, Gwen Stefani net worth is also increased because of her involvement into fashion designing. Moreover, Gwen Stefani is known as one of the members of the group called “No Doubt”. The singer collaborated in writing hit songs such as “Hey You”, “Sunday Morning” or “Don’t Speak”. Furthermore, Gwen Stefani has sung various music tracks with other artists and she is known for giving vibes of Reggae and New Wave into the songs.

However, it was not until 2004 when her career as a solo singer started to shoot up. She released her first music album which was entitled “Love.Angel.Music.Baby”. Many famous and talented producers collaborated on her first album and that was one of the reasons why it was sold out so fast and of course the sales of it increased Gwen Stefani net worth a lot. In addition, the album “Love.Angel.Music.Baby” landed in the 7th position on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Moreover, the album got major popularity not only in the United States, but also in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Three singles from the album also gained a lot of fame. The third single entitled “Hollaback Girl” hit the charts not only in the United States but also in Australia. However, in 2011 Gwen Stefani decided to quit singing solo and joined the band “No Doubt” again.

In addition to her career in music, Gwen Stefani is very well known as a fashion designer. Her clothing line called “L.A.M.B.” is one of the most popular fashion lines created by a celebrity. The clothing line is popular due to its designs made in Japan, Guatemala and Jamaica. A lot of other celebrities are known as the purchasers of the “L.A.M.B.” fashion line.

In addition to that, Gwen Stefani created another line of merchandise called “Harajuku Lovers”, which specializes in producing miscellaneous items starting with cameras and ending with underwear. Both of her involvements into fashion and music seem to be very successful which also means the increase in the overall amount of Gwen Stefani net worth. In addition, Gwen Stefani has released her own fragrance line, which was called Love, Lil Angel, G, Music and Baby. Moreover, Gwen Stefani is involved into acting as well, which also raises the total amount of her net worth.


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