Gucci Mane net worth

Gucci Mane net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Gucci Mane

American rapper Gucci Mane net worth is 15 million dollars, which actually is a lot for such a relatively not very well known musician. Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, started to write poetry and lyrics when he was still a child. When Gucci Mane became 14 years old, he tried rapping for the first time and he really liked it. His debut

album was entitled “Trap House”. In addition to that, Gucci Mane released even more albums. In 2006, he released his second album “Hard to Kill” and in 2007, other albums, including “Trap-A-Thon” and “Back to the Trap House”, were released to the public and the royalties gotten from all these albums really enhanced Gucci Mane net worth.

Unfortunately, the rap singer has become notorious for his illegal jobs and various offences. In 2005, he was accused of committing assault and had to serve his time in jail for 6 months. Moreover, during his time in jail, he was accused of committing a murder. However, these charges were dropped due to some reasons. Because of violating his assault conviction in 2005, Gucci Mane had to serve one year in prison. Thus, although he seems to be a really successful rapper, his personal life appears not to be so fine.

However, after his staying at prison, Gucci Mane released his second studio record album called “The State vs Radric Davis” in 2010. Also, Gucci Mane decided that he needs to change his label name. Thus, instead of collaborating with “So Icey Entertainment”, Gucci Mane signed with “1017 Brick Squad Records”. In addition, Gucci Mane has collaborated with many other musicians, such as Mariah Carey in her song “Obsessed” and Black Eyed Peas in their song “Boom Boom Pow”, which was a major hit in the whole world. It is obvious that working with such huge stars as Mariah Carey and Black Eyed Peas brings some royalties for the records to the overall Gucci Mane net worth, too.

In addition to Mariah Carey and Black Eyed Peas, Gucci Mane has also worked with Yo Gotti and released a single “5 Star Chick” where he performed a rapping course. Despite his often visits to police office and sentences, Gucci Mane was ranked in the list of “Forbes 2010 Hip Hop’s Top 20 Earners”, when Gucci Mane net worth reached 5 million dollars. Thus, it seems that with an amount of money which now is triple times bigger, Gucci Mane should be in more than one list of well paid rappers.


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