Gordon Ramsay net worth

Gordon Ramsay net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay net worth has been announced to reach 50 million dollars. In addition to his obviously high net worth, talking about his yearly salary the star gets 225 thousand dollars for every episode he appears in. To the public, Gordon Ramsay is known as a very talented chef, restaurateur and also Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Taking into consideration all his activities, it is no surprise why Gordon Ramsay net worth and annual salary are so big. Moreover, Gordon Ramsay is said to receive 10 million dollars from his media and restaurant network.

Moreover, the main source of his incomes includes his ownership of high quality restaurants and also appearance on the TV reality show about his cooking. Also, he produces a variety of other TV reality shows. He worked as the main chef in many different restaurants such as Roxburgh House Hotel, Wickham arms, where he also was in charge of restaurants daily activities and the dining room. In addition, he used to work at Harveys which is established in London and many more other restaurants.

Apparently, the biggest part of Gordon Ramsay net worth comes from his involvement in cooking and taking care of restaurants, which is also his passion. The involvement into working in restaurants broadened his experience and also it inspired him to create his own string of restaurants all around the world. In 1998 in Chelsea he founded his first restaurant which he called Gordon Ramsay and which was established at Royal Hospital Road. Furthermore, Gordon Ramsay became the first Chef of Scottish origin who received three Michelin stars. Michelin awards are given to those who produce exceptional and high quality cuisine. Overall, only three chefs in the history have been awarded with three Michelin stars. Also, Gordon Ramsey received three Catey Awards in the category of the Best Newcomer in 1995 and Chef of the Year in 2000.

In addition, Gordon Ramsay is in close relationship with his father-in-law and they together own company called “Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited”. They bought three English Pubs and converted them into restaurants. Also, the Chef is a regular guest in many television shows. Firstly, he started to appear in documentaries such as “Boiling Pot” and “Beyond Boiling Pot”. Appearances in TV shows as well as his main passion for cooking add more and more revenue to the overall amount of Gordon Ramsay net worth every year.


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